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How to delete a directory in linux from command line
This tutorial will show you how to delete an entire directory in linux through command line interface (CLI)
May 18, 2015 Linux
Javac command not working | how to setup java environment path variable
If you get error when you run javac in your computer, this tutorial will show how to fix that
May 16, 2015
How to assign a Virtual Local Domain Name to your localhost
This will teach you how to change your localhost name from http://localhost to something like http://mysite.web
May 28, 2015 Web Development
How to enable Clean URLs of Drupal in Wamp Server
This tuturial will show how to enable clean urls for Drupal in wamp server
May 16, 2015
How to install themes in Drupal CMS 6.x
This tuturial will teach how to install drupal themes in a very easy way
May 16, 2015
How to run PHP code in local computer
Step by step instructions to run PHP code in localhost. This tutorial is for Windows
Jun 30, 2015